Breakfast at the light house

Alpcrossians take care of themselves: they are in shape, they watch their diet, and of course they use high end tableware. The Ruhrpot is the ultimate gadget to avoid muscular overloads while having breakfast.


Ø cup: 11.5 cm
Ø saucer: 16 cm
volume: 420 ml

FYI, a typical alpcrossian breakfast includes:

  • Fresh fruit smoothies of the day
  • Hand cut toast with Boddington’s Berries jam
  • Müesli, yoghurt, fruit & honey pot
  • Freshly baked croissants and pain au chocolat
  • Coffee or tea

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    # by alpcross - 15 de marzo de 2008, 19:22

    uuuuum, yes it s allways the same at the morning.
    Thats alpcrossian live

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    # by Anónimo - 19 de marzo de 2008, 18:48

    Gee... you're a goddamn freak! What the hell is that "pa amb tomàquet" supposed to be?

    You're nuts, aren't ya?

    Anyway, wouldn't you have any of those kickass nice bikes to give me away XD

    Greetings from the road ;-)