Eurobike 2008: Paparazzi day

A brief report of Eurobike show.

04.09.2008 - 16:30 Munich Airport.

The flight was perfect, baggage ok, ...

We booked a Green Collection car from Hertz. We were excited to drive an hybrid car, but unfortunately they ignored our reservation! After a long hard discussion, they gave us a Volvo XC90 AWD diesel (full equipe, good engine, semi-automatic gear box, ... a very nice car but with some important ergonomic lacks) :

04.09.2008 - 17:30
Autobahn 95.

We were driving slowly when a car with camouflage appeared in front of us, vuala,
let's take some spy pics:

The driver was very ungry due to the photos and he exit the Autobahn.

Then another BMW approached to us from the back, he drove in parallel taking us photos and showing an ID badge (ufff, he was not a policeman :)

The driver warned us (SHOUTING) that we can't publish the photos, bla bla bla, ...
At the end, an amusing story.

The car was the new BMW 5-series, further info here.

04.09.2008 - 20:00 Steffelin.

Finally we arrived to the "hotel-fruit-farm", a beautiful place, and near Eurobike:

Mirabelle, our room:

And the shop:

Next post, the new products.