Endurance racing weekend.

The endurance-racing section of the Alpcross Team is heading south to San Agustin de Guadalix (near Madrid) to take part in the 24Doce event, the only 24-hour to be held in Spain this season.

Our solo-racers Jaume Ribosa, Carles Bernat and Ramon Sagués have shown in the past that they have the legs to achieve a solid result. Best wishes to them!

Moreover, Sagués and the 4-racers-team will glow in the dark thanks to three units of the super light-system Lupine Betty 6, that will be a definitive advantage during the night hours.

On monday we'll post some pics and story from the race, stay tuned!

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    # by Mandelina - 12 de noviembre de 2008, 2:22

    Thanks for writing this.